miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2008

Google's Chrome

Well, it has been a lot of talk about google's chrome, about the new UI and about the approach to build a web browser.
But people hasn't pay enough attention to another piece of chrome that's also really interesting, I'm talking about the comic presentation.

This "comic" is also impresive, at least for the IT people, for the ones of you who hasn't RTFC it's time to do it and agree or disagree with me.
From my point of view it's a remarkable example about how to explain:

  • Design of an application focused on threads
  • Issolation (inherited from the treads) that make the browser more reliable and secure
  • Security achived through the use of sandboxes (for plugins, each page, and javascript), even explains some approaches to deal with phising
  • Javascript: one of the cornerstones of the new browser, if we can call it that way, betweeen others we can find that the code is compiled rather than interpreted, making chrome the ferrari of the javascript
  • User interface: even if the address bar has been taked only 1 inch down it means that it belong to the tab rather than the tab to the browser and the bar to the browser, minimalistic, where are the file, edit menus? do you miss them?? I don't!
  • memory administration (direct benefit of the new architecture of the browser)
  • Garbage collection, and approaches to implement it
  • psychology: people wan't to see thing's that they don't want other to know they saw, I'm talking about: incognito window
  • what an application should be: "if you can ignore the browser we have made a good job"
  • security levels and how read|write permissions should be granted
what I think:

  • want to write something for all the browsers but not every browser support the same features, use gears (of course, if chrome become the new defacto browser, or everybody adopt the new standard)
  • more faster javascript: why? before we have two approaches, desktop or web, if the web browser become more faster to handle the javascript aka the new language for client side business logic where's the division?, instead of doing desktop applications, let's blur the division between these ones and stay were we are kings (talking bout google) web.
  • let's call it a os so we can throw it to microsoft (don't know who started this but it's a stupid) and make publicity
  • it's open source, it's faster, it's better (IMHO of course), but the first one limit the adoption of the foreones, so we are making bigger the difference between the open source project's who addopt it and the close source browsers.

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yap dijo...

hai..i'm currently using slackware 13..i have a problem at the moment..
i tried to mount my extended partition,i mounted it successfully, but i cant view/click it..
then i chown user:root,it works,i can get into the folder,but i cant view/play/use any files in it..the error message said that permission denied..already in root,but still the same error appear..plz reply me..thanks